Sperogenix Therapeutics is a platform focusing on development and commercialization of Rare Diseases Medications in China , provide clinically accessible products for rare disease patients and successful commercial solutions for rare disease therapeutics in China.
Focus on Four Diseases Areas
Pulmonary Vascular Diseases
Neurological Diseases
Inherited Metabolic Diseases
Non-Onco Hematologic Diseases
Empowering Patients Communities

Patient-Centric and empowering patients communities

Pay attention to different aspects of patients' needs, and meet the challenges of diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and payment together with patients.

Supporting capacity building and resources linkage for patient groups, promoting sustainable development of patient organizations.

2021-11-9 14:20:42
Additional data from leriglitazone Phase 2/3 ADVANCE clinical trial presented at ANA 2021
Presentation highlights reduction in cerebral lesion progression and the risk of developing cerebral ALD in AMN patients based on MRI and plasma biomarker data.
2021-07-5 08:52:37
Abbisko and Sperogenix Announce An Exclusive Agreement to Develop ABSK021 for ALS and Other Rare Neurological Diseases in Greater China
Sperogenix will have the exclusive right to develop, manufacture and commercialize ABSK021 in mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR for non-oncology rare neurological diseases indications.
2020-09-23 16:24:28
Minoryx and Sperogenix ink an exclusive license agreement to develop and commercialize leriglitazone in China
Sperogenix will receive exclusive rights to develop and commercialize leriglitazone for the treatment of X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy (X-ALD), a rare life-threatening neurological condition.